Danielle Weston, along with fellow Trustee, Dr Mary Bone, know that the chaos unleashed in recent years around the country jeopardizes basic principles that were hard-fought for the fabric of America. And they know that children in our schools are particularly vulnerable to this chaos.  Danielle and Mary are among a handful of trustees in Texas who so openly, vocally and unapologetically advocate for basic American values that have been fundamental and bi-partisan until now. Since November 2020, they have worked tirelessly for 47,ooo Round Rock ISD students and an entire community to prioritize meeting the educational needs of students, preserve the principle of the Rule of Law, advocate for parental rights and insist on open government. They believe students are best served when parents are in the schools and empowered to make decisions for their children. They worry that a radical agenda is driving many families out of public education and that the children left behind in these schools will not be well served.

They believe that a chaotic legal landscape only serves extreme political priorities. Under all circumstances, it must be clear to elected officials that they are merely temporary stewards of seats that belong to the voters and that these elected officials should be held accountable by the residents of the community. They are also deeply troubled by recent events including the arrests of two fathers in Round Rock ISD (in their own homes after work) on September 17th after publicly expressing concerns about what is happening in Round Rock ISD.  


The reward for this bold and fearless leadership was that on September 20th the other trustees on the school board published resolutions to censure these two brave patriots on the school board’s September 22nd meeting agenda available on-line. These resolutions call for stripping Mary and Danielle of the duties and powers bestowed upon them by the voters. Quite simply, the resolutions seek to overturn the outcome of their elections. It’s not enough for the other trustees who currently enjoy the political majority on the Board to win every vote that comes before the board on taxes, masks, superintendent hiring decision, etc. Those five trustees have abandoned their duties and chosen to vilify Mary and Danielle personally instead of working to find common ground as a team. They seek to destroy Mary and Danielle via these censure resolutions and subvert the will of tens of thousands of voters who elected them. The resolutions would have the net effect of silencing much of the community.   

Since Mary and Danielle are on the side of the law and common sense, they were able to secure excellent legal representation who moved swiftly to award them with a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the other five trustees censure attempt in court. The judge issued the TRO just two hours before the start of the September 22nd board meeting which blocked the board from voting to censure Mary and Danielle. This big win preserved the voices of two strong leaders to continue to work to prioritize the needs of students and represent the community. These two moms are optimistic and look forward to a court hearing in a few weeks to begin the process of permanently protecting themselves against the vicious efforts of the other five trustees. Of course, this legal battle comes at a price. They, their families and many friends are bearing an enormous emotional and financial toll as a result of these events. It is a tremendous financial burden to clear their names and preserve their official duties and powers with this legal battle. The good news is you can help.  

Mary and Danielle stepped forward and are doing what the voters said they expect elected leaders to do, advocate and fight for students.  It’s now time to show them, future candidates and future officeholders that when they are under brutal attack, that help will arrive. Parents will not be silenced and surrender their children’s minds to the childish and tyrannical actions of authoritarian board members. Community support and teamwork is needed now more than ever to ensure the practice of democracy within our local community, and that our kids are taught the founding patriotic principles of this great nation.