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Danielle Weston School Board

Learn More About Danielle Weston

School board member, Danielle Weston, was elected to be a voice for the RRISD community. You can help secure her current position on the school board by signing up for email updates, following her on Facebook and donating on the DONATE tab of this website. Although she is already a board member, supporting her campaign helps ensure her ability to represent the tens of thousands of voices she currently represents in RRISD. Your support helps ensure the fair representation of opinions and viewpoints related to the school district's issues, challenges and concerns. To find out more, please take a look around Danielle's website and read about the issues. Take the time to join the fight to keep her in place on the board and provide a fair representation of community voices.

Please check out all the tabs on the website. There is a complete rundown of the current controversial events and more details about her efforts on the school board. To speak to Danielle directly, use the contact form on the home page and be sure to fill it out completely. Help keep a brave school board member in place to ensure a bright future for all students and stakeholders in the Round Rock Independent School District.

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